Psychologist (Psy.D) Nelli Verkhovska

  1 hour    consultation / session via the Internet:

  • 📝 Chat and/or 🎧 talking without a webcam  
  • $50  /  €50
  • 👀 Via webcam, 😻 psycho-erotic massage (CFNM) 
  • $100  /  €100
  • 🎁 Individual wishes are subject to negotiation (parcels, looks)

You inform about payment through contacts and choose the time of online meeting. 

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Meeting via the Internet by contacts:


   +380631916429 (write first)

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We solve questions:

  • How to persuade your wife to do it threesome?
    How to persuade her to adultery?
    How to choose the right partner for a threesome?
    Cuckold and its types, how to implement in life?
    How to help to become a sexwife your wife?
    Sex games and fetishes
    BDSM: submission, domination, feminization, etc.

Swing, threesome, sexwife, cuckold, bdsm, classic


  • consultations of a psychologist-sexologist on the topics: 🍆 swing, sexwife, cuckold, threesome; 👠 BDSM, Dominatrix, fetish; relationships, sexological issues.
  • BDSM domination sessions (including CFNM).